Ardupilot axis control on full throttle fail and crash

Three clips of strange behaviour on 28+ amperage. When i go more than 80% of throttle my mini talon on tuned ardupilot, it starts to wobble and immideately pitches down or rolls without any option to recover even in manual. This happens only on nearly full throttle, which is crucial for take off. The airplane flew 140km mission on same setup a few days before the incident with fatal crash. To be noticed that landing in the bush happened before 140km misssion.
Also you can see ekf messages in fatal crash.
This leads to issue being with software/flight controller, so non servo related.
There is a log of fatal crash on google disk.
I really want one of the devs to look the log, because there is no any reasonable explanation to this.
If it is a flight controller issue i can buy a new f7 FC. Note that this happened only on full throttle. No ANY strange behaviour on cruise throttle.
The flight controller in the flight was matek f405 wing.

High currents provoke high magnetic fields that can cause compass issues that can cause EKF issues.
I did not look at the logs, but I think you must move your compass away from any high current wires.
If that is the case this is not a software issue, it is an hardware issue.

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How is stable is your 5V, could it be a brown out?

I just checked voltage on 5v servo rail. Was going 30A, but it didn’t drop, even went higher by 0.04 V.
The servos did work fine either.