ArduPilot as sensors data provider and servo backend

Hello! Are there some projects of turning ArduPilot into backend for higher level drone implementations?

take a look at companion computers section

If you just want raw data from the sensors you need to write your own communication link to achieve that at any high data rate

Well, I wanted to strip down some regular ardupilot project, and reduce it’s functionality till subj (providing higher level process with data, and servos interface).
When you just take data from existing project (e.g. arducopter) and send it to companion computer - it still consumes CPU and work with servos by internal algorithms. I wanted to override controller implementation.

billb, what if I’ll introduce such? How to send it to review? Is community interested in such things?

You never know who’s interested in such a product, but you could create a vehicle type that essentially only sends sensors data, and disables all higher order functions… If it can be package correctly it would be considered for upstream. Maybe that’s not even needed in this case as it a vehicle variant.

If you interested your welcome to take the code and give it a go