ArduPilot as camera control on uncontrolled flight?

I am planning a high altitude balloon launch during upcoming solar eclipse for the expressed purpose of photography.

I am searching for a solution to keep camera oriented toward the sun for the obvious reason. The ride to altitude can be quite violent at times, so I would not expect to be able to keep camera trained on a specific heading and altitude 100% of the time. I am looking into adding gyro stabilization to the payload box to minimize movement. Weight is a factor, so I don’t yet know what is practical.

So far, I haven’t found anyone that has built such an animal. It would have to be autonomous given the distance (90,000’+) of peak altitude. I am totally unfamiliar with flight control systems such as AdruPilot, so thought asking the experts would be the first logical step.

Once the balloon clears the heaviest winds, it remains fairly stable until burst and recovery.

Any help, guidance, or advice would be appreciated.

The wiki has loads of information on this

Especially the camera/gimbal section

Thanks, Grant.

Thanks! I will check it out.