Ardupilot - Are there any error correction techniques incorporated?

I am wondering inside any firmware, when it comes to MAVLINK, is there any type of packet loss and error correction software features/techniques used inside the firmware?

For example, even in Asynchronus communication in good old data communication world, we had error detection, bit parity check and other techniques used.

When packets are transferred over MAVLINK either via air or direct connect, do we have any two packet correction, re request of bad packet features?

Why dont you check the Mavlink specification ?
There is a CRC check for every packet, and microservices defined for transaction based communication cases.
On top (or below) that lies the error detection and correction solutions of the transport media.

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ok Cool. I have not taken a deeper dive into MavLink yet. The last 6 weeks my focus has been learning Ardupilot hardware, now I am slowly getting into the software and protocol side of the world.

thanks I will read the documentation.

Any recommended easy read docs?

This will be a pretty interesting topic to explore later!!