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ArduPilot and Dronecode C/C++ Software Developer Position

Aeronavics Ltd is a high-end multi-rotor manufacturer located in Raglan, New Zealand. We started out making airframe kits under our Droidworx brand, but today we make industrial multi-rotors for customers on every continent, ranging from enterprise mining operations to university researchers. For many years, we’ve been running Ardupilot as our standard choice of flight controller.

We’re looking for a software developer; probably full-time, and preferably located here in Raglan - but we could consider a remote and/or contract type arrangement if it were the right person.

The work will be mostly C/C++, but possibly a bit of C# (if we need something done to Mission Planner), Python, or BASH. Some of the work will be on our own proprietary code, but much of it will be on open-source components (Arducopter, QGroundControl, MAVLink, UAVCAN, Mission Planner etc), and we’ll be looking for this person to take over representing Aeronavics to the open source community.

We’re a relatively small operation that’s looking to expand in light of upcoming projects, there will be plenty of variety, challenge, and the potential to take ownership of the position and shape it into what you want it to be. Plus all the perks of working in New Zealand.

Get in touch if you think you’ve got the skills we’re looking for: I’m on here semi-regularly and happy to answer questions if you message me, or send applications to

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