Ardupilot 4.5.4 Relay1/Servo9 Troubleshooting


First time and a very confused poster. I have an Arduino hooked up to start recording data on a trigger high event via RC7 and the far right, AUX1 on the Pixhawk.

My current settings for the parameters in question are:

  • SERVO_GPIO_MASK: 256 (SERVO 9 Checked)
  • RELAY1_FUNCTION: 1 (Relay)
  • RELAY1_PIN: -1 (Disabled)
  • RC7_OPTION: 28 (Relay 1 On/Off)

Despite running through numerous configurations, I cannot make sense of what I am doing wrong.

Here’s a brief overview of what I’m trying to achieve:

  • Objective: Use RC7 to trigger AUX1 (Servo 9) on the Pixhawk to control a relay and start the Arduino recording data.
  • Issue: The relay does not trigger as expected when using the current parameter settings.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions on what might be wrong or any additional settings I need to adjust.

Please let me know if more information is required, and I will be happy to supply it.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Check the Banner in Mission Planner after connecting and make sure Chan 9 in not assigned.
09-Jul-24 07:40:08 PM : RCOut: PWM:1-8 PWM:10-14

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