ArduPilot 2019 Community Feedback Survey

In preparation for the 2019 Developers Conference, we’d appreciate your feedback by clicking on this link and replying to the survey.

The survey this year is a lot broader than last year, and hits both general feedback and some specific areas where we feel it important to get your perspective.
Names and email addresses are entirely optional, and won’t be used for anything other than potential feedback/clarification on your survey responses.

I’ll close the survey on 15 March.


Thanks, whilst I’m new it was still therapeutic to share some ideas :slight_smile:

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What were the results of the survey for those of us unable to attend the conference? I didn’t see a video where these things were discussed.

I can put the de-identified results up somewhere in a day or so when I get home.
There should be a YouTube video of the relevant session: @LuisVale

@james_pattison online


The URL is on one of the slides in the video. Takes a minute to type it all, but it does work.