Ardupilot 2 Motor Tailsitter Ahh

I fly Drones and Plane FPV. So I thought it was time to add a Vtol plane to my collection. Now, I’m not so sure, I need some help please.
To start with, I had a problem with motor thrust out of sync, in short, it was one of my speed controllers not calibrating Thr correctly. I changed it and thought I was good to go. I use a test rig to run my plane and have found several issues when trying to set up Q stabilize flight mode. The Plane element is correct, by that I mean FBW and manual, but it all falls apart when I set the plane up for vertical flight.
I know mission planner sees an upside down gui when in vertical mode, but when I select Q-stab, it changes to the correct orientation. So with the plane vertical, I arm and immediately the elevons start moving slowly in opposite directions, they just creep :Servo mot1 is at 1550 and Servo 2 at 1380Rudder moves off slightly from 1500 by 10 points . Also by this time one of the motors are well out of sync Mot 1 (radio 5 o/p 0 has a pulse count of around 1600 which gradually decreases to zero and the motor stops. Mot 2 pulse count (radio 6 ) just keeps increasing to full speed. With the Thr set just above mid point, the Rud (Yaw) stick has some effect bringing the elevons back to mid point, but the quickly drift out of alignment ending with One Aileron up, the other down. I am making a video which may show clearly what is happening.