Ardupi̇lot pi̇xhawk2 cube black versi̇on 3.5.0dev

I’m sorry for my bad english.
I am a pixhawk 2 Cube Black user.
I did a software update but my hexacopter started to stray. I want to go back to version 3.5.0dev. Could you help?

This would be a mistake. Update to current Stable and work thru the issues you are having. 1st start with all of the mandatory calibrations.

You posted this is 4 different threads?

I am sorry I do not fully understand what you mean.
Could you talk a little more detail?

Update your Cube to current Stable version Arducopter (V4.0.3 today) and perform an accelerometer and compass calibration. Then follow this initial tuning process before 1st flight:

I will do this on Monday. then I will get back to you again. I was just doing accelerometer calibration, gps calibration and radio control calibration. I have never done the parameter settings one by one, I will try again. hope it helps.

@dkemxr Hello,

I’ve done everything in these adjustments. my result has not changed? Can you help?

Post a link to a .bin flight log from the Flight Controller.