Arduino can't find its own sketches

Hi all,
I’m trying to build ardupilot with arduino following these instruction: … o-windows/

Steps from 1 to 3 are OK, but when i download … and unzip in C: , i change preferences in arduino like in the step 5 but can’t find arducopter, rover, etc… only libraries and tools… done this in different PCs, having the only arduino downloaded in C:, but nothing… it’s frustrating maybe i’m refering to a wrong or old GIT sources?

Please help me i’m working on that since 3 days.

Thanks a lot


We don’t use Arduino anymore.
Use Eclipse, and make

Download and try this : … ne-release
I had exactly the same problem. I solve the problem when I downloaded the “release” version.


Thanks guys, i’ve resolved downloading a previous branch of AP from GIT, 3.2.1

After moving avrdude.conf in the right place i’ve successfully compiled and uploaded my firmware!

Thanks again to all.