Arduino = arducopter?!

So, I’m catching the miniquad bug and would like to build my first quad (from scratch or kit).

Can someone please clarify for me, because I’m exceptionally confused, that ardupilot is something that runs off of an arduino board? This is the route I would like to take - building a quad around an arduino.

I’m sure there are many arguments for and against, but this is my pre-determined desired entry method, so I’m not looking for someone to convince me one way or another - I just need someone to point me down the right path (or paths) to get started. As in can I? If so, how/are there build examples/tutorials/more appropriate forums for it? And anyone feel like sharing their 2cents on parts for a true beginner?

I have “some” arduino experience, electrical experience, and I can fly a non-FPV microquad around a house without crashing. I’m willing to commit ~$400-600 to this over the course of a couple months. And am equally interested in the build as the end product.

Any and all help is appreciated!

And to the moderators, I apologize if the mention of “arduino” is forbidden (as a competing product), I honestly have no idea if it is or isn’t.


once upon a time, it was based on Arduino , - after a while some years the project could not longer be compiled in Arduino IDE, and today.

see here