Arducopter v3.1.3 hexa problem

i just updated the MP and now everything is like ruined. I was flying before pretty good but now i stuck. first thing was that i had problems connecting with the MAV link. after trying different MP releases it worked somtimes. but now after also reseting my 2.6 board the gps isnt conecting to satelites and the compass stopped working too. there gettin no samples collected. everything seems to be working good actually. the comport and every single lamp is flashing even on the 3dr gps module…so i have no idea where the problem is…please help! really scared to update anything when this is working again…thx for answers…if u want to answer in german so feel free

It sounds like there are issues with the most recent MP. 3.1.3 does not differ from 3.1.2 except for a small bug fix.
Please downgrade MP and see if the issues go away.

i went to the terminal in MP and did all kind of tests with compass and gps…suddenly it locked on