Arducopter v2.6 disarms after arming


I am attempting to use an arducopter v2.6 with firmware v3.2.1 and APM Mission planner v2.0.23 running in Ubuntu 16.04. When I arm the device through APM mission planner it waits about 10 seconds before disarming. I believe that I have disabled all of the failsafes as well as the auto-disarm so I’m not sure what could be causing the flight controller to disarm itself. For what reasons can a flight controller board disarm itself? Is there a way to figure out why it disarmed using the log file? I have uploaded mine for reference. Thanks!69-12-31_18-00-00.bin (288.5 KB)

If you don’t fly after arming, it will auto-disarm after 15 secs. It’s supposed to do this :).