Arducopter tunning param are dependable between modes or not

When looking at the different parameters available to tune the copter, I see some related to acro mode, other for stabilize, waypoint (navigation) … . The experience in other AP systems tells me that any flying mode assisted by sensors like barometer, GPS, Optical flow, compass (stabilize, position hold …) are basically sub-modes based on the main PID ones that corresponds to the less assisted flying mode (called Soprt or Acro in those autopilots) and those the sub-modes could have certain adjusts to tame the reactions for each tasks, but basically they are dependable of the main ones. From my point of view the less assisted mode in arducopter is the Acro mode. In the extended tunning screen there are options for tunning the Stabilize mode, Loiter mode , and Rates but nothing about Acro mode values. That is why I´m lost as they are only accesible from the Full parameter list/tree screens.
I have no idea if arducopter works the same way, and considering that the unit I´m tunning now will never fly in acro mode, does it matter what kind of values have I settle in any of the acro parameter fields? ( Acro Roll and Pitch gain / Acro Yaw P gain / Acro Balance Roll / Acro Balance Pitch/ Acro Trainer / Acro Expo)
a) No, pixhawk will never read such values if Acro mode is not in use. Acro values are for acro flight mode and not used by any other flying mode.
b) Yes, and the right way, beyond using the autotune process, is to fine tune the unit in acro mode and from that point start with the rest of parameters in the Extended Tunning screen.

Any light about that?
Thanks and have a nice day