Arducopter "Sometimes" crashes in AUTO Take-Off

Hi there !

I’m using APM 2.8 (Arducopter 3.2.1). with Vibration Damper.
Frame DJI F450.
Externally mounted GPS & COMPASS.

Mostly the quadcopter flies stable in all modes (Stabalize, ALT HOLD, Loiter, RTL etc.)
But in AUTO mode, sometimes it takesoff and performs mission pretty well & sometimes it crashes right after takeoff.

As far i can understand,

  • The copter took-off and did the mission successfully when the GRAD% & Angle right after take off were below 10.

  • Whenever the GRAD% or ANGLE went above 12: The copter takes-off, but as soon it tilts for the next waypoint, it looses self-control and crashes.

Below are the Mission plans for the Successful and Crashed flight.
If someone can guide me about this ? Thanks…

I don’t think you’ll get any help with the ancient version of the ArduPilot firmware.
Those boards are retired and won’t get any updates.
You need to upgrade your gear.
Much improvements are done since that version.

Appreciate that.
But unfortunately i bought APM when i knew very little about APM vs PIXHAWK.

Is there anyway i can make use of this board too by solving the above problem ?

May be somehow by adjusting max. angles or speed etc ?

Or someone has had such past experience ?