ArduCopter PID values entered as degree or PWM

There seems to be a discrepency in how the PID values for IMAX are entered. There are several screen shots on the web which show incorrect entries. By examining the source code I have found that the IMAX value for altitude hold, throttle rate, and throttle acceleration are a fraction of PWM. The stabilize, rate, yaw, and loiter IMAXs are in degrees/second.

Example values of 5,5,8,and 30 for stabilize, rate, yaw, and loiter. Values of 500, 500, 300 for throttle acceleration, throttle rate, and altitude hold.

The screen shot shows values that seem to be incorrect. Another is at

Additionally, I know the default rang eof some values are, for example 0 to 500. In Mission Planner, RATE_RLL_IMAX has “Units: Percent*10” in the explanation and shows a slider of 0 to 500, but what is the unit? PWM or degrees/second? In vertical speed, there is “units: centimeters/second”. Standardize! Rate is a percentage of what?

In “extended tuning”, a yaw IMAX ( RATE_YAW_IMAX) value of “8.0” shows up as “800.0” in 'Standard params"; shouldn’t it show up as “80” since 810=80?
In “Extended Tuning”, rate roll IMAX (RATE_RLL_IMAX) value of “5.0” shows up as
"5.0" in “Standard Params”; shouldn’t it show up as “50” since 5
10=50? yet the slider shows a range of 0 to 500!

This maight have been the cause of myself and others having their machiens flip!

Also MP 1.2.94 “Standard Params” is missing the stabilizer PID parameters, throttle acceleration, throttle rate!
And, why call it “Params”? Call it what it is “parameters”. Same with the cryptic mneumonics. Why use RATE_RLL_IMAX instead of RATE_ROLL_IMAX?.. No need for brevity. The compiler can handle longer names (probably as many as 30characters) !

Due to the limits of the way we store parameter names, they can only be 16 characters long

Thanks! At least someone is responding to this issue. That’s true on the 16 character limit. I see the length defined in the source. Someone probably selected that length for the length of the static parameter name array back when there was a concern for memory liimits, but it’s really just a matter of the programmer/developer’s discretion. He/she saved a relatively small amount of code space…

The main issue though is with the PID IMAX values. I’ve examined the source, and it shows in their initial declaration, all PID IMAX values are mulitplied by 100 except for the altitude hold and throttle IMAXs. Not done delving into the code. More to come on this…

After examining the source code, version 3.0.1rc2 addresses this. All values are in fact a fraction of PWM. For example, IMAX for rate roll, pitch, and yaw should be 500, 500, and 800.