Arducopter not engaging Auto Trim

Hello everyone ,

Hope you are doing well.
I am having a problem engaging Auto Trim in arducopter 3.5.7 .
I changed my prop+motor combination and wanted to do a calibration of my quad .
When i try to go into Auto Trim by arming the safety switch and then holding the arming stick to low right (Throttle + Yaw) for 15 Sec.

The lights does not change to Green, Blue, Yellow wich means the auto trim does not activate.

The props start spining very slow and after some time the copter disarms automatically. I tried many times but no success.

Does anyone have any idea waht may be wrong ?

Looking forward to your opinions


My opinion is why do Auto or Save trim to trim to a condition that will change every time you fly? Do a proper accelerometer calibration is all you should need to do.

@dkemxr your are right , in fact thats what i did . Turns out that a proper accelerometer calibration combined with auto tune is great solution . The quad is rock solid in the sky , if that makes any sense lol :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thank for the help !

I would like to know though , why does not go to Auto Trim :thinking: