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So I literally have to use 2 versions of MP to get my APM2.6 to complete all tests. The latest won’t calibrate the magnetometer so it’s back to an old version because the latest won’t do it.

Plus I noticed that some parameters don’t show up with the latest MP.

What gives?

That board is discontinued and hasn’t been supported since AC3.2. The latest versions of MP won’t work either because the board is too old. There’s a bunch of archived info here that might help you.

I get that. 3.2.1 still works fine.
The problem is I don’t believe MP ever worked over 1.30. only an older version can calibrate my magnetometer. So one has to hop between old semi working versions. As a software engineer dropping functionality is a sin.

I can get my copters to fly correctly, but I’ve spent countless hours discovering which MP versions ( and I need 2) to use.
Who wrote that mess??