ArduCopter MAV Commands on Arduino

Hi. I’m very new to this and would appreciate any help.

If I wanted to send a MAVLink message to a Pixhawk4 to start a mission (MAV_CMD_MISSION_START/MAV_CMD_NAV_LAND) can I do this from an Arduino? I haven’t seen it on the MAVLink libraries on GitHub and on the website it says that these commands are supported by ArduPilot copter. Does this just mean that I need to install the ArduPilot software on the Pixhawk in order to be able to use the commands? Would I need to create custom messages from the Arduino or is it incompatible?

Thank you.

I eventually plan to do something similar. I can’t personally help you but have you seen this thread? MAVLink and Arduino: step by step. I have been following it for some time and looks very helpful.

Hello! Yes I have, but it looks to me that it mainly involves sending Heartbeat messages to the Pixhawk and requesting data from the Pixhawk. Thank you though. I’ll keep looking.

By the way, I can answer one of your basic questions. You have to have a variant of ArduPilot installed on the PixHawk hardware. ArduCopter is a variant of ArduPilot. If you have that installed, you have what you need as far as software on the PixHawk.

Understood, thanks for your help!

Can we to connect in Pixhawk like a telemetry with a STM32 or Esp32 Lora?

Hi ! I am new to this forum i just plan to get a pixhawk orange cube telemetry on my gcs (mission planner) the man between is my esp32 creating a mesh loop i have created a mesh for wireless communication i am stuck in interfacing my esp32 with the px4 i an new to this does anyone has any guide for it ? How its works whats the theory behind it