Arducopter lidar issue


i have issue with my lidar setup, as you can see in my video, my copter suddenly goes up or down after cross maximum lidar range. I don’t know hw to setup it corretly to avoid this type situation.

Here you can find log file and screen with the same moment on video.

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

To begin with. What lidar are you using?

Update to ArduCopter version 4.2.3.

Why are you using ArduCopter 4.0.x?

My lidar is TFMINI plus

My software version is: 4.2.1 My fault sorry for that

Have you made sure nothing can intermittently block the altimeter? That would give you this exact behaviour…

it is mounted on bottom centerplane and nothing can’t block view

Heve you set the maximum lidar range in missionplanner according to the lidars specifictions?

I set 10m max is 12m

If you are using a Benewake TFMiniPlus you will need to set it to use that RNGFND1_TYPE. In the image it shows set to 8…which is a LightWare.