Arducopter latest version No

The 27 May update firmware for the helicopter, in mission planner (ver 1.3.5 build 1.15260.33055) is showing as Ver 3.1.5. Yet the released version was:-
ArduCopter Release Notes:

ArduCopter 3.2-rc2 27-May-2014
Changes from 3.2-rc1

  1. Hybrid mode initialisation bug fix
  2. Throttle pulsing bug fix on Pixhawk
  3. Parachute enabled on Pixhawk
  4. Rally Points enabled on Pixhawk

Which one is correct?

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Where are you getting those release notes? I assume you’re getting them from the files in Trunk? If so, I think the issue is that you are not looking in the 3.1 branch on GITHub.

3.1.5 should be the current stable release.

Under no circumstances should any Tradheli users attempt to fly any RC of 3.2 until I say so. 3.2rc1 and rc2 probably won’t even fly a tradheli at this point.

:astonished: I didn’t know that there were two different branches of firmware. I picked up the release notes somewhere during my search on Pixhawk info. I use them to keep up-to-date on improvements and bug fixes in the latest release of the firmware. Is there anywhere else I can get this info, just for the Trad Helicopter.

Thanks for putting me right on this matter.

The release notes for 3.1.5 are here, in the increasingly inaccurately named “3.1.2” branch. :wink: … eNotes.txt

We didn’t used to keep a separate branch for Stable vs. Development, but it just sort of happened due to the length of time 3.2 had been under development, and the need to patch 3.1. There have not been any Heli specific changes to 3.1 since 3.1.1. All the changes from 3.1.2-3.1.5 have affected multis (stab patch fix which does not apply to helis), or applies to all machines (Pixhawk fixes, etc.)

There is not a TradHeli specific branch of trunk. I do maintain my own personal branch for development.