ArduCopter is overwriting F9P's UART2 configuration


I have issue with copter 4.4

In our multirotor, the GPS F9P module receive directly the rtcm corrections via it’s own UART2 port where UHF is connected.

It seems that ardupilot is constantly setting the UBlox F9P port 2 desactivating rtcm3 and changing baudrate.

In this case, the F9P is not able to receive the correction via our independent system…

There is a way to disable that arducopter change this setting on the F9P ?



Thank you for the reply,

maybe the is parameter to make that ardupilot itself parameter the uart2 of the ublox f9p to receive the rtcm on its uart2 port?

GPS_DRV_OPTIONS=1 along with GPS_AUTO_CONFIG=1 is what you’d use for that. But that fixes UART2 to 460800 baud.

Change everything to 460800 so when it gets configured, it still works…

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That’s my usual method!

It’s arguably best practice, since RTCM3 can be a bandwidth hog, so you should ideally use a fast data rate.