Arducopter flips over in ALT HOLD mode

Hi there !

I’m using APM 2.8, Arducopter 3.2.1.

My quadcopter flips over during take-off and crashes every time in ALT HOLD mode & AUTO mode.
However, it flies pretty well in Stabalized mode.

Can someone suggest me a solution.

You need to tune the PIDs, there are Tuning Process Instructions — Copter documentation for new versions, but for your old board, you probably get better resulst searching this forum for posts about tuning APM’s 2.8 PIDs

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hi !
Thank you for the suggestion.

PIDs seem fine to me, because in Stabalizd mode, it behaves real good. NO osscilations & no unwanted behavior.
Ony in ALT HOLD, RTL, AUTO etc it struggles to make a stable flight.

By the way, i’m not using any vibration damper.
Could that be the cause ?

Nope, that is a misconception.

  • Stabilize does not use any of the position control PID loops, it just uses the rate PID loop.
  • The other modes use some/all of the position control PID loops and the rate PID loop.

So please do what I told you to. And yes, vibration dampening is very important.

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Hi, i was able to solve the issues with the ALT HOLD mode.
The Quad flies pretty smoothly now. The issue was probably some bad accelerometer callibration.
It is steady and stable in all tested flight modes except for AUTO.

As soon as it lifts off in AUTO, it takes a turn around (heading away from the way point) and crashes to ground. How can this be fixed ?

Please post a picture of your build. Your compass is most likely being interfered with.