Arducopter flips on its end or side on take off

Hi all folks.

I purchased an F02192-U JMT Assembled HJ 450 450F 4-Aix RFT Full Kit with APM 2.8 from China but cant get it to take off. The propps goes right way and APM 2.8 is configured with Nission Planner.
I have started the motors and all four propellers rotate correct, when holding the drone ower my head the lifting power is approx 2 - 3 kilograms. But when I move the stick left/right forward/backward I cnat feel any change on the motors, they still rotate with same velocity. All 4 motors seems to rotate with same rpm.
The radio is Radiolink at9 and is calibrated with Mission Planner.
Any ideas what to do ??

Regards //YB