Arducopter fliped in flight and I couldn't control from radio until it crashed

My APM 2.8 Arducopter has been flying very well for some time now; today I experienced a little different one.

The copter got armed and took off in loiter mode. Flew it for like a few seconds. When retrieving it to land, the copter did a full flip on flight ( didn’t crash, and this is when I realized something isn’t right ) then I quickly tried to land it somewhere near me. Then I realized the copter didn’t really respond to the radio controls and it wandered off sideways and it got hit by a tree and crash-landed.

I am new to this and wanted to see what’s going on and seeking for help. Also a little help to how to analyze this issue using these also will really help.
here are the log files I got. Google drive url

One thing I did differently in this flight was I had the signal pins plugged into the Arducopter from the pan tilt servos with no power supply given to the servos.

That firmware version is more than eight years old, and as such no longer developed nor supported due to the lack of memory and processor power on the 8bit arduino.

All the developers use STM32 based processors running ArduCopter 4.3.6 or newer or boards that have a lot more memory and 32bit processors. These new boards cost as little as 40$.

The long term memory of the developers is not that good, we do not remember details from more that eight years ago, sorry.

But (without taking a look at the logs) it probably crashed due to extra mechanical vibrations caused by the addition of the gimbal.

Reduce the vibrations and the problem should be gone.

I appreciate your response but that was not the case. I tried flying without the gimbal and the flight isn’t the same anymore. Could you kindly suggest to me how I can analyze the log and find out what probably could have happened? Newbie to Ardiplot community and just need a starting point to start looking at.

Again appreciate your time

Did you try to open the log file and take a look?

Yes I did sir. I’m just confused and don’t know what to look at

Stat at the beginning, vibration levels.

I checked the quad and noticed some loose screws from a motor. Also removed the gimbal completely and tried a test flight. Now it flew very decently as it used to… Thank you for the input. Really appreciate it