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Arducopter Firmware on Boat.(Apm2.8)

(Civicoulas15) #1

Hello to all of you,

As we know arduboat firmware is outdated.
Can I use the latest arducopter firmware for simple use of my rc boat?
One motor one rudder and RTL function.
Or ist it going to be trouble as copter firmwares are developed for more motors , esc’s etc?
I ask because the abillities of the copter firmwares are more developed in all settings

Best regards

(Kevin Klemens) #2

Yeah that’s not going to work, use ArduRover instead: Rover may still work on an APM2.8, but that hardware is really outdated at this point. You may want to invest in a Pixhawk 1 or a 2.1.

(Civicoulas15) #3

My boat works good.I am in ardurover firmware even its outdated.It was a question only as information.
I meant to install an arducopter/pilot firmware and just connect one motor one rudder just for the RTL funtion.