ArduCopter Current and Voltage Log Data Source

Hello all,

I am trying to analyze the current and voltage logs from IRIS+, which uses the ArduCopter firmware v3.3. I have access to the data in MATLAB by reading the CURR variable. The message definition is in the following link:

My question is: where are the log readings from? Are they from the 3DR power module? If so, it requires calibration under Initial Setup in Mission Planner, right? Is the calibration battery dependent?

If the current and voltage logs are NOT from the 3DR power module, what is the sensor responsible for those data? Are they accurate or not?

Zhilong Liu

The power module is what gives the reading and the voltage is accurate but current can be off by some. I do suggest you calibrate the module.

On that topic, does it matter where the power module is plugged? I see lots of diagrams and people plugging it right after the battery. What if I plug it somewhere down after some splitters?

You can put it anywhere you want but try to put it before any electronic.

hey Liu, can you tell me the what parameter did you use to configure the current sensor. I’m facing a problem where i am getting the loggs but the current does not seem when motor is turned on.