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Arducopter APM 2.8 Telemetry connexion crash

I use Arducopter APM 2.8 (I have no problem except that I can use only the firmware 3.2.1 on it, but it is normal). I bought a telemetry radio r/t, I have fix green light on both, I can use APM Planner 2.0 to connect on it with difficulties (I have to unplug every thing, put a delay of 5 seconds in parameters for the telemetry, and then plug the receiver, waiting, start arducopter, waiting 15 seconds… then 3/ times on 4 it works…) but I lost connection after less than 1 minutes… impossible to reconnect, I have to unplug it …
It is like the Flight controler doesn’t send data, the telemetry transmiter and receiver can communicate (I can change the configuration and green leds are still fix).
I don’t plug any ESC on it, but I plus Receiver for RC, GPS, Compass, power with sensor, and telemetry.
When I unplug the telemetry and plug the usb only to the computer it works well !
I have difficulties to know if the flight controler sorftware crashed, or if it is the telemeter that crashed? how to know? any test?

Thank you very much for your help

Telemetry transmitter requires more power, relatively speaking, than other things like GPS. So you may have to power the telemetry separately not from the APM.

Thank you, it sounds logical :slight_smile: I try that

I burn my transmiter when I try to solder a wire… to small, next time I cute the wire… I order en new one.

Problem solved thank you so much

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