Arducopter 4.1 and QGroundcontrol missing params

Hi all!

Using QGroundcontrol on a SIYI MK15.

When using 4.1.0 copter stable, I keep getting the following messages seen in the photos attached.

I also can’t access a lot of the QGroundcontrol features like calibrate radio etc.

Also says failed to update parameters when I change something or when I try upload a mission it says fails to upload. Even though when I check on mission planner through USB I can see the mission was uploaded and the prams changed.

Weird thing is when I roll back to 4.0.7 I am totally fine, no messages. Can save missions and Params no worries. Also 4.03 works fine.

Anything over 4.1 like 4.11 beta is also not working. So seems like a 4.1 incompatibility with QGroundcontrol?

Thing is I’m busting to use 4.1 and I don’t want to stay on 4.0.7.

qgrouncontrol version is 4.1.1

Also posted on QGrouundcontrol forum, hoping someone here might have any insight,

Update QGroundControl to the latest daily version, and then it will work a lot better.

Thanks I will give it a go tomorrow, I was unaware that daily builds were available as a seperate app download. Thanks!

Anybody looking for it on Android you have to search QGroundcontrol (Daily Test Build)

@amilcarlucas unfortunately it didn’t work. Using daily build as soon as we upgrade to 4.1.0 we get the message and can’t save with Errors also.

4.07 works fine. Any reason this may be happening? Can I check anything else?

I use QGroundControl on Linux with ArduCopter 4.1.1. So far I have not found any issues.

Thanks we are using it on android at the moment. So perhaps an issue specific to android. Have noticed the loss rate on mavlink slowly climbs up to 44% on 4.1 but stays around 19-20 % on 4.07
Strange that it would change with firmware update??