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Arducopter 3.6RC CTUN parameter not recognized

The CTUN parameter in a log file written by ArduCopter 3.6RC can’t be parsed by APM Planner.

Here is a sample log file to test against:

Thanks for the info - I will have a look.
Today someone raised an issue about this on github

There is a problem with a constant when detecting a soft/hard NAN in the logs. You can ignore the error messages until we have fixed it. For more information just check the planner issue I mentioned above.
BTW: you should build a new apm planner using this PR as it fixes two issues.

Today I merged a fix for this issue into APM-Planner master. Issue should be solved.

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@Arne-W, is there an updated Windows 64 build someplace?

I don’t think so - but perhaps @carpy will build a New Version for you?

Anything for Arne!

Here you go @rrr6399:


@carpy Thank you very much :+1:

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