Arducopter 3.5.X with MarvelMind

Hello ArduWorld!

My general questions are:

  1. Has anyone here successfully integrated MarvelMind control with Arducopter, and if so,
  2. was it is Beacon mode or GPS mode/what ArduCopter version (I had difficulty applying beacon mode in ArduCopter 3.6).

My (hopefully) helpful diatribe followed by a question regarding my personal attempt at MarvelMind integration:

Currently, I am trying to integrate the MarvelMind system with ArduCopter 3.5.5 in GPS Mode. I have attempted this mode over the beacon alternative because I have seen that there is some communication difficulties between MarvelMind and ArduPilot that is blocking the development of the beacon mode integration (see Quad Copter Marvelmind Accuracy). Albeit, I am not sure if that status is still up to date. I did see a successful MarvelMind/Arducopter integration using the GPS mode (see flight video and forum discussion

My current progress in trying to implement the GPS mode has been shaky. I have got to the point where the Copter is successfully using the NMEA coordinates being fed from the Marvelmind beacon and can operate in LOITER mode, but now I am getting ERR ecodes of 2 for GPS. The GPS ERR ecodes oscillate in and out of ecode 2 and 0, with about a 1 minute period from adjacent ecode 2s, and a ~5 second period from ecode 2 to 0.

  1. I am thinking this may be a data health problem on the Marvelmind side, but I am not even sure as to what causes a GPS ecode of 2 in the first place. Could the ArduPilot knowledge oligarchs enlighten me here to aid my investiagtion for the root cause?

Here is a flight log showing this behavior:

My apologies for the long winded question(s)!

We are testing “beacon mode”
GPS mode is not accurate enough for us. So we are not using it, So I can not answer any questions about it.