Arducopter 3.5 rc11 getting too much vibration while takeoff in stablize mode

What happen if I increase accel filter value to 25 Hz from 20hz.

I’m getting too much vibration when accel filter in 10hz , when I increased to 20hz its reduced but not as soo good.

So I plan to increase to 25hz to reduce the vibration its any wrong …

Please suggest me some one please.

Arducopter 3.5 rc11 .

It’s a bit unclear what problem you are trying to solve.

Vibration? what? where? Are you seeing it or measuring it?
Build? size of build? props? etc?
Log file? It’s hard to guess at anything without a log file from the FC.
You are citing 3.5rc11?
Does that mean you are NOT getting this problem with 3.4.6?

I suspect “vibration” in this case is a fast wobble so it’s actually probably a small frame and the roll and pitch rate gains are too high. So maybe try reducing the rate roll P I an D proportionally (i.e. drop all 3 by 10%) for both roll and pitch rate.