Arducopter 3.4.6 vdq210 flipping on take off

I have a vdq210 with 20a littlebee opto esc’s and emax rs2206 racespec motors. I have pi0 with a diy pxfmini on it. When I arm to take off it flips. I am also using a 4s lipo. I am not able to get it flying yet. Is there a way in arducopter to test motor output individually to make sure that motors are connected properly? As well what would be recommended pids for a frame of this size? I will also be using a pi0 on a 130 size quad as well.


in mission planner on the config tab there are many different setup routines and config items to work through.

One of them is called motor test - there you can fire up every motor individually at a chosen percentage (start with 15-´20%) and you can verify proper connection and proper rotational direction of the motors that way - even without props mounted.

I think flipping over on take off is a known symptom of having the rotation direction setup wrongly for one or more of the motors - can easily happen as the wires are not coded.

There could be other things of course, but on the three builds I have had so far, when it flipped over on first flight I had forgotten to check rotation direction and had gotten it wrong :slight_smile:

Take a look at the following if you are unsure:


Ah, and the other thing you could get wrong theoretically is to mount the wrong prop on the wrong motor, i.e. mount a prop meant for clock-wise rotation on a motor that is spinning counter-clockwise.

Key is to get the motors spinning as defined in the arducopter documentation, then get the props lined up matchingly.

ill have to take a look when i get home. I know i have had a bbbmini fly in a 280 frame without much change in stock pids.

I have my quad now working as far as proper motor orientation etc. Now the issue I face is osscilations and it almost seems as thought it wants to do circles in the air.

I am going to assume this is a pids thing and hope I can have rectified soon.

Here is the quadcopter I am currently trying to get in the air.

here is the issue I am dealing with.