Arducopter-3.4.6 add qmc5883 driver for external compass

Am trying to add qmc5883 driver from arducopter-3.5 firmware to arducopter-3.4.6.
Help me to add the qmc5883 driver to arducopter-3.4.6

Update to ArduCopter 4.0.5
Or backport the github PR that added that driver, recompile the code, fix compilation errors, if any, upload the firmware and test it.

I want use Arducopter-3.4.6 in that few compass drivers are present, I connected to I2C bus but compass is not detecting as external compass please help me to add compass driver for Arducopter-3.4.6

Sorry, but the answer did not change in the last 28 days. It is still the same way. Simply update.