ArduCopter 3.2- need help to Loiter and PosHold mod

Hello to all,

I have a few questions about log analysis and LOITER adjustments.
My quad is:
DIY quadcopter NightFox V2 ( … ightfox-v2) and setup is:
HP2814(3536)-810KV Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor,
ESC 40A With SimonK opto,
APC Style 1238 1238R CW CCW Propeller,
ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack,
turnigy 9x opentx with FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz & V8FR-II RX
APM 2.6, stock ArduCopter 3.2 firmware.
I use: Stabilize, PosHold, Loiter, Altitude hold, LAND, RTL mode
I have four flights today, is a windy day, eastern wind approximately 4 to 6 m/s, temperature is 26 C degrees.
Stabilize, Altitude hold, RTL and LAND modes it seems to me are ok, but I’m not satisfied with: PosHold and Loiter mode.
In PosHold maintains the height relatively well, but when quad move forward, is going well, when I leave stick, quad slow down, rocked several times back and forth for about 30- 45 degrees and then slowly gets into position. Similar to what happens in the movement of the left to the right. Quad moving with adequate speed, and when releasing stick, quad slow down, significantly leaned a couple of times, and slowly go to position.
After releasing the stick, does not stop smoothly, already rocked several times and slowly gets into position. Today, the position has not been hold, the wind that was not strong, he slowly moved my quad.
Switching Loiter mode, quad holding the position relatively well, but when moving the sticks forward or sideways, quad very bad unresponsive. At maximum stick movement, quad few leaned over and slowly move in a given direction, visibly rocking. After releasing stick, quad stops with less tilting. Today, the position has not been hold, the wind that was not strong, he slowly moved my quad.
The first question: I have four flights today, when I wanted download the logs, I see only two, this is normal?
The second question: which parameters that affect the behavior of quad in PosHold, when smooth stopping? Precisely how and which parameters need to adjust to avoid swinging and get a smooth stop after releasing the sticks forward, back,left and right?
Third question: how and which parameters need to adjust in LOITER mod to obtain greater sensitivity to the quad commands back and forth and sideways, and better hold and kept position? How to set parameter of quad in LOITER mod, went back and forth and sideways with a less movement of command?
I attached the logs of today flight, I would be very grateful to see them, tell me your opinion of current setting, and help with setings loiter and pos hold mode.
Thank you!