Arducopter 3.2.1 flyaway with no RC control

Quadcopter loaded with 3.2.1 flew away and did not respond to any RC control. I thought to share the flight logs with you all . I post here to see if any of you guys have any idea of what could have happened. The telemetry log is attached here for more details.

At the time of the flyaway the Mode went from Auto to Stabilize, to RTL, but the quad did not try to RTL.
Your HDOP was below 1.5 which is good, but the GPS track during the playback has the quad going off to the right away from the waypoints. It looks like there was a loss of navigation guidance for some reason.

I had exactly the same problem on 4th May. Was in Guided mode, the Iris+ halted due to the target leaving the “cone” fence, so I commanded a RTL. The Iris responded, but after a few seconds, stopped and began to meander about… so I went to Loiter mode and attempted to manually fly back to launch point, the unit then tilted to one side and flew off with no further RC commanding possible…
On the goPro video, I hear a multitone alarm as the Iris is streaking along out of control… and seconds later it crashed thru an 80 foot tree and fell to the ground.

I located the Iris in the woods via the Tower app and its AP TLM signal showing me the unit’s “home” position… but the signal was very weak. (WHEW!)

3 DR looked at the tlog and the AP dump files and determined a gyroscope anomaly occurred and they want to replace the Iris and the tarot gimbal… both damaged in the crash.

Question is… do I trust the AP: Copter 3.2.1 now? It was working flawlessly until this glitch.

Refering to this discussion ,!topic … nWYM48pGys

It seems there is a bug in APM 3.2.1 which results in gyro drift or aliasing effect . I noticed sometime Horizon shows roll angle greater than 20 degrees wheres copter flies at level in stabilize mode and it get worse if i switch it to auto or rtl mode. Is there any solution to this issue or we have to fall back to previous versions.

I reckon 3DR will be receiving a number of bashed-up Iris’s and PixHawk’s back at their Otay Mesa facility until this firmware issue gets resolved. I too noticed periodic “wobbles” of the artificial horizon during past flights as I replay my tlogs.

I suffered through a crash last week. I suspect it was due to HDOP of 2.0 with +/- fluctuation.

Anyway, the iris + hit a tree and then ground and busted a few pieces. I have decided to put the Pixhawk FC and peripherals on my Tarot 650 frame. I have good spare parts if anybody is interested.

Does any one know if the stock 20a esc will coordinate with eMax 600kv motors?


I am having the same problem losing faith in my APM 2.6 I have taken it on a few flights and every single one has ended up in me breaking my hexacopter not sure what’s going on Mission Planner will not let me view any sort of log but yet every time I go to fly quad gets about a foot or two in the air loses all control and goes to full throttle in the crazy directions then results in a bad crash I’m very frustrated right now and don’t know where to start I am using version 3.2 1 hi even reflash the board and put 3.15 version and still the quad does the same thing after liftoff within 5 seconds of all controls lost have you found out any new information. About this am I doing something wrong Motors also started to act funny after are mean and given it some throttle once I back down the throttle and go to raise it back up only two maybe three motors will spin that’s a new that’s

Hi All, I have aquired this same problem using three differnt APM 2.6 ardupilots. First time about 4 mo. ago completly lost my quad with over 500.00 worth of goodies aboard. Same thing, I was flying about 50ft and all of a sudden it went astray and even switching to RTL it started to come back but began to drift away lost in lala land. Now with another APM 2.6, all shows great with Mission planner, GPS show 8-11 sats HDOP is low, Compass cal manually until the globe is almost completely covered in blue dots. Take it out to fly and during a few hovers around, it shoots off into the sky almost out of sight. But the funny thing is it stays directly overhead and i can still control the yaw and pitch. Continue to RTL, Loiter, Stabalize the mode switch and then is falls like a rock untill I give it throttle and then it seems like nothing ever happened. (Twice now) Lost with this one.