Arducopter 3.1.2 Octo problem


I received new PX4 controller. Mounted in on my octo, make all calibrations etc. On the first flight it crashed.

I took of and managed to hover few seconds. After that copter started to lean forward and in few seconds it reached the maximum lean anggle and crashed. Same time I saw on mission planner that the copter thinks that the front is rising. Fortunately I didn’t break anything.

I removed the PX4 from copter and tested it on the table and found out that it has the same behavior.
When I arm the PX4 and start to raise the throttle it starts to lean backwards as it was doing on the flight. I tried to download 3.1 firmware and that firmware doesn’t have same kind of behavior. I don’t fortunately have logs of the flight because the doesn’t some reason work on my PX4 when I use 3.1.2. We also have APM2.5 and we it doesn’t have that kind of behavior.

Hope someone could help me with this.

Link to video:

tlogs or dataflash logs are superior to a video to help troubleshoot your issue with your PX4.

You may have your throttle channel assigned to the same channel as elevator.

Can you check your stick inputs in the calibrate radio section sir?

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I’m using PX4FMU+IMU not Pixhawk. Receiver is Futaba R6208SB which is connected with SBUS. Channel assignments have been checked and they are correct. Only change in the video and in the logs is that I have flashed 3.1.2 to the PX4FMU.

That’s weird I have the same exact setup as you. I will try switching to 3.1.2 after my exams and see if I get the same problem as you.

In the meantime, I think one of the guys here should be able to help you

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I made few more tests. When I use Arducopter 3.1 firmware everything works as it should, but when I change to Arducopter 3.1.2 and arm the copter and raise the throttle compass values become 0. When I lover the throttle I get good values again.

That might be hardware problem?

Looks like it sir…
Maybe you can wait for the more experienced guys to comment.