Arduboat Wifi Range Issue

Hello everyone. As you know, it is very difficult to manage the boat from the remote computer on the water, because the range is quite low. Cheap telemetry sold also have very low range, esp wifi card range is also very low.

I increased the range of the esp wifi card to 300+ meters using 4w wifi amplifier (2.4gHz), but this prevented the control distance and healthy operation of other controllers (433mHz sonar and 2.4gHz rc receiver).

From what I read in some places, it was stated that it could control 300+ meters ranges on water with pi zero, but I couldn’t find a source-document about it, does anyone have any information on the subject?


I don’t have any advice on the pi zero wifi but for my mapping boat I used a 2.4Ghz telemetry (the CubePilot herelink but there are other options too) and the 3G/LTE mobile phone network (e.g. Andruav).

You always come to our rescue, thank you very much, I will look into it…

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