Arduboat wave measurement?

Has anyone here on this forum managed to use Pixhawks gyroscope and accelerometer to measure waves?

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Unfortunately, no, I have talked about it before and an issue has been opened.

There is a lot of work that could be done with water state estimations but It’s something that would need high resolution sensor information so its not something I could get done in lua, it would have to be implemented internally on the firmware.

I think you would need to use a combination of a high precision gps like RTK and accelerometer information to get enough information

What a shame. Guess I will have to use an arduino

No reason you cant do it in lua, it will run just as fast as the main firmware. We do have wave simulation in the boat simulator. Its certainly possible.

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Can we display information with lua scripting? Where does the output show?

Yes, you can log directly to data flash, send messages or send numbers. The numbers will appear in mission planners quick tab and in the tunning graphs.

See the simple loop eaxample:

Awesome. Does it work for QGroundControl?

An example on how to measure anything with Pixhawk would be extremely helpful. I have no idea where to start. How to get data from the IMU and accelerometer and use it to calculate wave height, velocity etc.

is there any way of pulling altitude data from rover? I thought it was all disabled.

all the attitude info is still there, we still run the full EKF like on copter and plane. We just do not use it for navigation.

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