ArduBoat use omniX frame type help

hi! I use OmniX Frame for my boat, as the rover docs say:
Omni vehicles can move laterally (i.e. left and right) without changing their heading with the help of omni wheels (like these from RobotShop) or thrusters.
Because of project requirements, Does it can turn left or turn right with changing the boat’s heading?

An omni vehicle can steer and turn on the spot like a skid steering vehicle.

Can skid steer use in auto mode?Because the boat head shoud always point to the boat forward direction in auto mode.

An omni vehicle will operate as any other vehicle in auto mode: Forward/reverse and yaw steering. Lateral movement will only work in manual mode, it is not yet implemented in any other mode.

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Use the 4.2.3 version firmware, follow this OmniX to install the motor to set the parameters, and the manual mode operates normally. In automatic mode, if the boat does not pivot and turn when turning and turning, what may be the reason or which parameter setting is wrong?