Arduboat stuck in hold - tlog included

Got a couple of weird message I have never seen before on Mission planner. Also attaching tlog.

Went out to test a boat, The boat completed the route with no issues. I did forget to reset home when i got to the dock and ran the mission. (it was set at the car when i turned it on. I do this often so that the GPS will be warmed up by the time i get to the dock. After it appeared to complete the mission it went into hold. I flipped between auto and manual on the RC, but nothing could shake it out of hold, not even resetting home and entering in a new waypoint.

I am interested what people think about thtis and if anyyone else has experienced errors such as these.

2017-06-20 07-24-38.tlog (2.3 MB)

Thanks for the report. You are the second person that got that problem. I will try to find what the cause is.
The “no commands. Can’t set AUTO. Setting HOLD” is when you reach the last waypoint of a mission or you don’t have waypoints.