Arduboat servo control

Hello i have a baitboat from carplonge rt4 . It`s a two brushless motors with skid stering. I instaled the PIX 2.4.8 in to it. Running with latest beta ok.
Is it possible to control servo directly via a switch on the transmitter and as part of a mission in the same time? Servo is controlling the bait hatches. May be something like a Servo Gripper in copters.

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Yes, you can directly control a servo output from an RC input (ie… from the transmitter). I think it is described here on the servo wiki page.


Thank you Randy. Probably i have a bad pix clone, but i can control servos in auto missions ( servo function =0) . But for rc control it works only when servo function =1.
And may be it a mistake in wiki " (i.e. SERVO9_FUNCTION = 0 if the servo is connected a Pixhawks AUX OUT2)". Isn`t SERVO9 - AUX OUT1?

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Ah, I missed the part about wanting to control the servo both from within missions and from a transmitter channel. It actually does do that but the problem is that the transmitter’s value is constantly overwriting what the mission specifies so the mission command’s value is only output for a fraction of a second.

The problem is that the pwm input from the transmitter is a continuous value from 1000 to 2000 and it has some jitter in the signal. Because of this it is difficult for us to know whether we should take the value from the transmitter or the mission command so we always favour the transmitter value.

How do you feel about using the mission planner’s servo tab on the bottom right of the flight-data screen? this can be used during a mission.

Which esc is on RT4 and I have rt4 but I could not calibrate esc

Hi. On my rt4 a have graupner 7235 45a esc

If you mean manual ESC-by-ESC Calibration then you need to dissasemle rt4( there is a button for calibration). Otherwise