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Arduboat pixhawk with Relay setup

(Nithat Namfa) #1

Dear All,

I would like to connect 2 relay switch module to pixhawk rover firmware 3.1.1 and I would like to use FS-i6S transmitter SWA and SWB to control a relay to on off LED light,

How can I do for this function?

in a below picture it’s my first Arduboat setup.



Phuket Thailand

(Nicolas Chaslot) #2

Assign your two switches to two spare channels, then set the RC pass through two free outputs on the pixhawk :slight_smile:

(Tsagkaris Giorgos) #3

Please can you tell me how to connect the servos with the pixhawk and how to setup my transmitter in mission planner??
Many regards

(Nithat Namfa) #4

Thank you so much I will try it