Arduboat overshooting issue


I’ve built petrol powered arduboat not running over water but “SLIPPING” over the surface under water.

She is usually overshoot over WP ( from 70% of attached Tlog shows it ). What I intended is that she can almost stop on WP and turn to next WP so that she can on track without overshooting but

what I’m afraid is whether it can be met high level on track ratio like plane with friction against the soft surface ( just like mud )

Tlog :

Video :

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Can you put a dataflash log available.


Love the video! very cool.

I think two things will help control the overshoot. The most important is the lane-based-speed-control feature that is in master but not included in Rover-3.4.0-rc1 but we will probably include it in 3.4.1. I’ve tested it in the simulator but not on a real vehicle yet. video is here. If you want to try this feature you’ll need to load “latest” onto the flight controller. This can be done by going to the mission planner’s install firmware screen and press, “Ctrl Q”, the labels under the icons should update and then push the regular icon to upload to the board. In general we discourage people from using “latest” because it hasn’t gone through the regular beta testing so it sometimes has bugs.

The second thing is I think this vehicle should use the vectored-thrust feature which is described here on the wiki.

As David says, a dataflash log will help give more advice.

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Thanks so much Randy, I’ll try the latest version and I’ll feed back the result ^^.

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