Arduboat not following waypoints correctly

I have built a two thruster Arduboat . It works well in Manual mode , but Not following a straight line in between waypoints even with RTK GPS lock in AUTO mode.
I have attached the Tlog file, parameters and screenshot of the waypoint navigation . Can anyone help me to solve this ?

Processing: arduboat.params…
arduboat.txt (22.5 KB)
tlog file
Thank you.

Most likely you have a lot of tuning to do. It is very important to follow very carefully all parts of First Drive with Rover — Rover documentation (, especially from “Tuning Process Instructions” and following.

Thanks for your reply ktrussell , let me check the documentation.

Hi ktrusser , I have plotted the tlog file PID values for two conditions. Can you say which PID parameter should I change in order to get the best result?

Thank you.

You need to follow the tuning documentation. Those images do not contain enough info for us to help. The link Kenny gave you has outstanding information. Follow it line by line, and be careful not to miss a step. If it confuses you, come back here and ask for some clarification.

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