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ArduBoat for Newbies?

(Aydan Kool) #1

Hey all,

I’m new to these forums and this community in general, but I recently decided to create an autonomous boat for a project that I am working on. I have been reading up on some instructables pages on how others have made some, but I was wondering if there were any “newbie friendly” guides on ArduBoat?

I am mainly focusing on the software for the moment (so the programming and coding for the autonomy of the boat), and because I don’t have a very strong coding background, I am not too sure where to start. Does anyone know what would be the best start point for someone like me?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


First Autonomous Boat on Raspberry Pi B+
(David Boulanger) #2

The rover code works very well for boats. Its more about picking a good boat for the application you wish to use it for.

(Jeff) #3

Hi Aydan,

I agree with David… unless you’re planning to do something very specialized, you shouldn’t need to do any programming or coding to get an autonomous boat up and running using ardupilot with the rover firmware.

Going through the ‘first time setup’ docs for a ground-based rover should be enough for you to get started:

(Aydan Kool) #4

Awesome. Will check that out! Thank you both!

(ahmet omer ozgen) #5

I’m also a newbie. the ESC part is confusing for me.

I’m not sure about the brushed motor esc will work with pixhawk and ardupilot

(Dave) #6

Sure it will. I’m using them on a Rover.

(ahmet omer ozgen) #7

Thanks. There is not much tutorial on how to connect ESC to Pixhawk.

If i make a mission on mission planner will my skid steering boat do the mission?

(Dave) #8

Yes. You should tune the vehicle first before attempting an Auto Mission.

(ahmet omer ozgen) #9

I will tune it. Calibrate it. I even ordered telemetry as it makes too much sense.

Problem is esc wiring. I have no idea.

My boat is not fancy. (double horse 7006). I bought everything, they are ready. But i don’t want to fry any pieces. Can you help me please? Do you have WhatsApp?

(Dave) #10

No. There is nothing really to wiring a brushed motor ESC. 2 leads for battery, 2 leads to the motor and the signal leads to the Pixhawk.

(ahmet omer ozgen) #11

Seems convenient. Thanks. I’m informed that my motors may be 7 volt instead of 12. But stock battery says 12V. How can I test this

(Dave) #12

Then use a 2S battery.

(ahmet omer ozgen) #13

Hello my esc doesnt support lipo’s cut off function. And also,

I ahve xt60 power module. but my battery and esc connector type is different what do i do now?

(David Boulanger) #14

Change the connectors. And set BATT_LOW_VOLT parameter I suppose.

(ahmet omer ozgen) #15
This the esc. I really don’t know what I’ll do with this

(Dave) #16

Those links are bad. I think the answer is obvious about the connectors. Solder on new ones or buy some adapters. Soldering would be the best route.

(ahmet omer ozgen) #17

Okay. what about the pixhawk connection? should i just order a new ESC for brushed motors?
What is the advice here? Do i need to program a new ESC?

(Dave) #18

I don’t know, what ESC’s do you have? Follow this guide. In Fact read the whole First Time Setup.

It’s not very nice to cross post the same questions in multiple threads. Since you broke into this started by someone else I suggest you stick to the other one.

(ahmet omer ozgen) #19

You are right I’m sorry. :frowning: I’m out.