ArduBoat Flight Controller Options

Hello Team,

I am looking to upgrade from my Pixhawk 2.4.8 to one of the following options:

  1. Pixhawk 6C (Or 6X if I can find one)
  2. Pixhawk 5X (If I can find one)
  3. Pixhawk 4 (Would this be much of an upgrade anyways?)
  4. Pixhawk Cube Orange
  5. Blue Robotics Navigator

Cost is not much of a concern (within reason). I will probably use differential steering or omniX thruster configuration. RTK GPS.

I would like to connect to 4g or 5g at some point later on as well.

What would ya’ll recommend? - Any that aren’t on my list?

What is it your looking to do? The only reason i would say to upgrade would be for more memory to run lua scripts other than that your not going to see any difference with a rover when it comes to better sensors as IMU and barometers arent really used.

I like the redundant sensors and I have been having many issues with my current pixhawk 2.4.8. Mainly having difficulty calibrating accelerometer and compass every single deployment and getting errors in the middle of missions.
I do have some lua scripts I am running as well.

why would you want to calibrate every time? you should only calibrate once when you build the machine.

I do not want to calibrate every time.
(almost) every time I power up I get gyro errors, EKF errors, or compass calibration errors. This can be extremely difficult to do because I often will deploy my autonomous boat while I am on a vessel and I cannot exactly keep everything flat and still doing an accelerometer calibration while bobbing up and down on a vessel.
Maybe by 2.4.8 is a lemon but it is becoming extremely frustrating, hence the need to upgrade to something better.


Not being able to calibrate in water is a well documented issue, its recommended to disable gyro calibration.

Ah interesting, thanks for that.

I am still in the market for an upgrade :smiley:

Those choices are good less the 4 & 5X. CUAV has some other choices.