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Arduboat Echomap survey

(Antonio Medina) #1

Hello all : This is my recent water survey proyect , is designed and developped from 0 , there´s few pictures. Two T200 Thrusters and Garmin Echomap Plus 62 with TH20 Transducer
I have connected the Garmin serial rs 232 output through max 232 ttl converter at serial 2 port of the Cube 2 ,
The settings that I have is :
SERIAL2_PROTOCOL 9 ( sonarrange )
RNGFND_TYPE 17 ( nmea )
RNGFND_ORIENT 25 ( down )

(Antonio Medina) #2

Garmin Nmea sounder settings is possible in various modes , I active all and receive this Nmea data in a terminal for test only .
Next step is go to the dam to check .
Rgds Antonio Medina /

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(Kenny Trussell) #3

That’s a beautiful build! What is your hull made of? I would enjoy knowing the details. Looking forward to hearing how it performs! Thanks for sharing!

(Antonio Medina) #4

Hello ktrusell the hull is fiberglass made vac compacted in fiberglass moulds.

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(Antonio Medina) #5

Very ligth and strong

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(Leonardo) #6

Hi! what a nice work!
I’m workin on something similar, in fact I’m starting to look at echosounder. All ecosounder have the nmea output? Is there a sensor that don’t have a screen but the nmea output?

(Antonio Medina) #7

(Antonio Medina) #8

Yes the echosounder have NMEA 0183 output , at 4800 baud .

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(rmackay9) #9

very nice! if you take a video some time I’d love to see it.

(Antonio Medina) #10

My Garmin echosounder nmea 0183 configuration have all options activated and works perfectly , deep distance in garmin and mission planner screen corresponds exactly.

(Antonio Medina) #11

Hello all again ; The first few tests are going very well , but I see that the hull is moving with an S movement along the grid legs , stopping the here rtk inyection and starting the ntrip net , the courses are more paralell to the grid lines , but I don´t know if this effect is caused by the sensivity of the compass in excess or not gps accurate . any help are apreciated . Thanks

(David Boulanger) #12

You may need a little tuning. Can you post a .bin log of the mission?