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ArduBoat design


I have a started my wrok on developing an arduboat. I have few doubts in my design , which i thought i would take help from you in the design of an ArduBoat. The main concern here is regarding data storage, considering the operating ranges are high

  1. I have selected Taranis X9D Plus RC transceiver for my communication, does this thing helps in storing the mission logs or telemetry data, in anyway

  2. If not or so, if the Telemetry radio connection is lost after offloading the mission way points to the vessel, where does the telemetry logs get stored. In case if i use a companion computer does it helps to store the total mission log data.

  3. I have seen a page ( in which ESP8266 is interfaced with pikhawk. As same is there a way does a LoRa module can be interfaced(does the firmware suprt)

These are the few consecration i have on when vessel looses it’s communication. Your suggestion would help me to continue my further work.

Thank you

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