ArduBoat - Configuration direction

For begening, sorry for my english, i am a french.
I make a bait boat for fishing with a pixhawk.
I have 2 motor brushless with two controller.
One connected on the one output and the second on the 3th output.
I set the throttle left and right to good servo output.
I want to reduce motor because they are so powerfull.
I change THR_MAX: Maximum Throttle to 30%
Its work when the boat go straight. the motor is reducted but when i want or the auto pilot want to turn, pixhawk send the full power a the motor !
how can i reduc the power of motor even if i turn ?
Thanks for your help !


Little confused, you are turning the boat manually and the motors speed up? “or” you are using way points to make the Boat to turn.

How are you turning the boat? I am assuming a rudder.


Thanks for your reply.
Yes the motors speed up when i want to turn, in manuel mode (with mix in my radio) or in auto or RTL mode.
I want to reduce my motor on any direction.

have you read this?

No thanks i try it :slight_smile:

Can you explain your setup and few pics.

How are you steering the boat?

I have two motor. two ESC plug in output 1 and 3.
Configurate with Throttle left and right on the pixhawk.
In my radiocommande, i mix channel 1 and 3. so when i want turn left, i just push on left the joystick.
when i go straight, the parameter mot_throttle_max works good.
But when i want to turn (or auto pilot mode) the motor speed up for turning. and its very noisy.
So its why i want to reduce motorpowerfull when i turn like i go straight.
Thanks a lot

I do not think you should have to mix the channels in your remote. I do not on a rover with skid steering, which is basically what you have.
You should set the SERVO1_FUNCTION to 73 and SERVO3_FUNCTION to 74. (which I think you have done)
Then Ardurover will handle everything.
Be aware, though, that you have to set the RC1_REVERSED and RC3_REVERSED to 0 or 1 to make your motors spin in the correct direction for forward and backward motion.
And, you configure the type of steering method you as the operator wish to use with the PILOT_STEER_TYPE. You might look here: